Design Consultation

Great design begins with pieces you love. Hunt & Gather Home specializes in helping clients who live in both old and new homes to create comfortable spaces that exude a collected and curated vibe. From time-worn to mid-century, Megan has an eye for sourcing just the right mix of vintage pieces and modern accents. Drawing inspiration from gracious Southern cities such as New Orleans and Savannah, the elegance of European design, and the simplicity of the French countryside, Hunt & Gather Home strives to create spaces that are soft, calm, and welcoming with a hint of time-worn elegance. This is the art of old house living.




hunt-and-gather-home kids.jpg

Hunt & Gather Home understands the importance of family friendly design. A well-planned space can inspire even the youngest kids when they have the freedom to snuggle on fabrics, read books on rugs, and construct cities on coffee tables.


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