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Thoughts on Preservation + Design

If you follow Hunt & Gather Home on Instagram and Facebook, you may have caught my recent interview on the Preservation Destination podcast.

Ever wondered how I became interested in preservation, about my path to a career in the field, or how I’ve transitioned into owning my own preservation and design firm? I talk about it all here!

I also share my thoughts on bridging the gap between historic preservation and design and my passion for working with homeowners to recognize and reveal the unique character of their historic homes.

Be sure to add the Preservation Destination podcast to your playlist and catch up on past episodes. If you’re interested in historic preservation, the podcast offers a well-rounded and broad-spectrum look into the field. There’s a wealth of information in each episode.

Listen now!

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I Bought a Store!

Hi friends! It’s been awhile, but I have a good reason: I bought a store!

It sounds crazy, I know, but there is a method behind what may seem like madness. Allow me to explain.

I have long dreamed of owning a little gift shop & interiors store: a place that feels comfy and inspiring, with lots of things that make you excited when you see them and inspired when you leave. If you know me, you know this.

I never really thought that dream would be a reality. I always imagined this little shop to be on a quaint, tree-lined street in a historic town with a little cafe nearby. It would have flower boxes and I’d ride my bike to work everyday.

Turns out, my dream wasn’t too far from reality.

Last Spring, I had the opportunity to purchase an existing local business in the Garden District neighborhood of Alexandria. Southern Chic was established in 2007 by two friends, Lizette and Shelley. For the past nine years, it has been one of CenLa’s favorite little gift shops, carrying unique, artisan-made wares that celebrate the tradition and culture of life in the South.

Southern Chic was one of my favorite shops in town, and I didn’t want to see it close. I also had this vision in my head of adding a small design studio for Hunt & Gather Home in the shop’s small back room. I figured it was a long shot, but I took a chance, met with the owners, did some soul-searching… and the rest is history. I now own Southern Chic (a small shop on tree-lined Jackson Street in the historic Garden District not too far from a coffee shop and within bike-riding distance from my house) and have set up studio space for Hunt & Gather Home inside the shop.


Let me be the first to say that has been a risky, scary, overwhelming, and deeply satisfying journey for me. For quite a while, I’ve longed to have the flexibility and opportunity to work creatively by and for myself. I work ten times harder and ten times more than I have before, but never once have I been bored or regretted making this decision. Perhaps the most rewarding thing of all has been meeting so many great people – customers, artisans, other small business owners – all who have been so encouraging and kind as I learn the ropes and chart my own course. My family has been so supportive, working right alongside me to make this happen. It’s my hope that through this little business my boys will learn the value of hard work and determination and that they will never give up on their own dreams. I’m thankful for the opportunity to partner with my husband in running the business; he gets the real credit for pushing me towards this opportunity when I was overwhelmed with unknown details and ready to let it go. My mom is floral arranger extraordinaire and works in the shop on Thursdays, giving me the chance to squeeze in some hunting and gathering time. I am glad to have my family along for the ride; it wouldn’t be any fun without them.

So what can you expect now from Southern Chic + Hunt and Gather Home? Expect the same enthusiasm, personal service, and quality products that you received from Shelley and Lizette. I promise to search for local and regional artisans and companies that produce quality items that you’ll be excited to share with others or display in your own home. The addition of Hunt & Gather Home will bring more emphasis on interiors to the shop. I plan to do a lot more hunting and gathering of vintage, one-of-kind pieces that will really make our shop special. And, if you’re in need of a historic preservation specialist or design help, you know where to find me!  I’m looking forward to helping people find thoughtful gifts, create inspiring spaces, and save old buildings from the Hunt & Gather Studio inside Southern Chic!


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Railway Coffee + Downtown Ruston

Independent, Small Batch, Specialty Coffee


A Blank Slate Building in the heart of Downtown

We can’t imagine a better combination!


We are thrilled to announce that Hunt & Gather Home will be working with Railway Coffee to bring to life a storefront roasting facility in Downtown Ruston, Louisiana!








 Brick walls, exposed beams, raw wood…Can you see the potential? The small, local startup has big ideas and we can’t wait to help them create a space that reflects their brand. We’re loving the local vibe in Downtown Ruston and know you’ll fit right in.

Thanks Railway Coffee for choosing Hunt & Gather Home to help you bring your dream to life!

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|Gathered| A modern Mid-Century Color Palette

I recently received a call from a friend asking for help choosing paint colors for her new house.  She explained that her family’s house hunting experience had been rather long and tedious. They would be closing soon on a newer house in a great neighborhood. They were excited and knew that their new home would really work for their family, but she’d been hoping to snag an older Mid-Century Modern home in a more established neighborhood. Did I mention my friend is awesome?

Mid-Century style is in the spotlight right now, but my friend has been a long-time fan. She associates the style with the warmth and love of family. Her grandmother’s home and furnishings were Mid-Century, and she really wanted her new home to have that vintage vibe, but in an up-to-date, less “grandma’s house” way. Modern Mid-Century, if you will.

We set up a secret Pinterest board to share inspiration photos.  Here are a few she pinned. I’m loving the colors.

kroehler 1 kroehler 3

| source |

My friend already has several pieces of Mid-Century furniture that were passed down from relatives and purchased from antique shops over the past several years. After taking inventory of the pieces she owned and planned to use in the new house, talking with her about future furniture purchases, and looking through her inspiration photos, I had a good idea of what direction to go with the color palate for her new place. Light, peaceful, and modern colors will bring in current trends and fit the style of her more traditional home, while setting a comfortable background for her fabulous pieces of vintage furniture. The perfect mix of old and new for this busy young family who values spending time together at home.

Foyer/Family/Hall:  HGTV Home Gracious Greige (HGSW2456)
Dining: HGTV Home Indigo Batik (SW7602)
Kitchen and Breakfast Room: HGTV HomeWhite Batten (HGSW4003) or Country Beige (Olympic D18-1)
Kids’ Bedroom: Valspar Woodrow Wilson Putty (6006-1A)
Kids’ Bath: Valspar Asiago (6005-1A)
Playroom: HGTV Home White Gallery (HGSW4002)
Master Bedroom:  HGTV Home Sky House (HGSW3297)
Master Bath: Valspar Asiago (6005-1A)
Can you believe that we didn’t have to tweak any of these colors! They tried samples on every wall, waited 24 hours, decided they love them and went back to purchase paint. These colors are now on her walls and really turned out lovely.
We’ll be working on the rest of the project in stages, which works really well for this type of long-distance project. Stay tuned for some kid’s room inspiration and design boards!