Introducing . . .

. . . Hunt & Gather Home in film!

Early this summer I was preparing to launch Hunt & Gather, LLC, including converting the blog to a website. I struggled to cram my thoughts and dreams into a concise paragraph of 175 words. “If only they could see what I’m thinking,” I complained. “Let’s make that happen,” my husband replied.

A resourcefully creative high school teacher with an entrepreneurial mind, my husband contacted a talented former student, Elyse Reed of Reed Cinema, about filming a short promo video for Hunt & Gather Home. Elyse was on board with our goal for the video from the beginning, and filming with her was a delight. From corralling our kids to tromping through old buildings to climbing on ladders, Elyse brought the spirit and intent of Hunt & Gather Home out of my head and onto the screen.

The art of old house living . . . 

13 thoughts on “Introducing . . .”

  1. The video is outstanding! Pictures are perfect, but narrative really draws viewer in. Great job, Megan!

  2. This video is awesome — so professional and captures the warmth of your personality and what you hope to accomplish — love it!!! Congratulations on your new business!! (Sandy C)

  3. Being from Alexandria and now living in Washington state, your video drew me in and I want to see more! I’ll come and see your store when I visit my hometown again soon!

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